Jung is primarily thought of in terms of providing a particular type or method of analysis to be used in the therapeutic process for people with mental conditions. However, Jung is much more than that. He provides a paradigm of how the human mind works in understanding the world, a paradigm that encompasses both the Western and Eastern explanations of  human life.  To limit Jung to being a psychoanalyst is like saying Frank Lloyd Wright was just a person who built buildings.  So this website is to be a portal to the complete paradigm of Jung’s philosophy.  

This website is also to be a place for artists to have a point of entry to the world of the internet. Here artists and musicians will be able to introduce themselves and their work to the world of Jungian thought. Ideas are usually expressed in words; but sometimes these ideas can find an even more powerful expression in a work of art or a musical composition. We have the Jung's own artistic expression of his ideas in The Red Book.  What would we be listening to had Jung been a composer?

The following is from the introduction to a book on Jung’s Aion lectures by Marie-Luise von Franz

"Two celebrations were held in his honor on his eightieth birthday. For the first occasion, invitations were sent to a carefully selected list of guests, all of whom were official representatives of his psychology. This was a rather stiff event, which tired him. To the evening party, however, anyone who wanted to see the great man was admitted: students, patients, Jung's gardener, neighbors from Bollingen. In short, a great variety of "important" and "unimportant" people came to offer their congratulations at this second party. The atmosphere was warmly human and animated, and Jung stayed longer than had been anticipated. On the way home he said, ''Yes, those are the people who will carry on my work, single individuals who are suffering and seeking, and who try to take my ideas seriously in their own lives, not the ones who satisfy their vanity by preaching them to others." 

That is the new focus of the Jung Center

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"The Jung Center provides a forum and roundtable for discussion, reflection, inquiry which contributes depth and breadth to our understanding of the relationship between an individual and culture. Further, the Center facilitates people's understanding of the dynamics of the inner and the outer world which leads to deeper and more meaningful comprehension of life from both the personal and cultural points of view.”

--Jonathan Paul De Vierville