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TOPIC: Comments on dreams

Comments on dreams 2 weeks 18 hours ago #17

There is a unity; such as the concept of monotheism. The UFOs represent a breaking of this unity into a plurality of demi-gods.
“The main point is that every situation activates the relevant instinct, which then predominates as a vital need and decides the choice of symbol as well as its interpretation.”
“Nowadays people who have an experience of this kind are more likely to go running to the doctor or psychiatrist than to the theologian.”
“In dealing with the products of the collective unconscious, all images that show an unmistakably mythological character have to be examined in their symbological context.”
A person flying is in an ideal situation for the unconscious to find expression. In a similar manner this ideal situation occurs with ascetics.
There is a significance to the spirituality of life that is not being given the significance it needs.
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