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TOPIC: Freud and Dreams

Freud and Dreams 1 month 1 week ago #30

If UFOs are to be understood as they appear or are reflected in dreams we should look at how to understand and interpret dreams. Where better to start than with Freud?
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Literature about Dreams 2 weeks 1 day ago #36

In the postings that follow I will be reporting what I am reading in “Die Traumdeutung”; basically giving a summary translation of the text.
What does Freud want to do with his research on dreams? There is a process to interpret dreams which creates a psychic picture which is part of the mental process of being awake. If there is unclarity related to a dream that comes from the workings of the psyche which cause the dream. At that point the question of dreams becomes a question that requires other material to be considered.
In looking at what has been said earlier we see that not much progress has been made over the thousands of years. There is much of interest but nothing about the nature of dreams has been found. The role of the dreams in the understanding of the world by primitive people is an interesting subject; but not one to be covered here. This information can be found in the writings of Sir J. Lubbock, H. Spencer, and E.B. Tylor.
These writings show how we need to understand the task presented in the interpretation of dreams.
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