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TOPIC: A Prefactory Note

A Prefactory Note 1 month 3 days ago #10

A discussion of the text prior to the first section which Jung calls a 'short preface'.
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Introduction to the Book - the preface 1 month 3 days ago #11

Short Preface -
What is the basis for saying something is true? Most truth is based on it being the statement of a physical fact. However, there is another type of truth, a psychic truth. These refer to things that cannot be established as physical facts. This type of truth “demonstrates itself and is experienced on its own merits”. Often we find miracles to be an aide to understanding the meaning of psychic truths.
Religious statements and content rely on the medium of human consciousness which means they use images which are dependent on the human imagination. As such we must be “aware of how limited are our powers of conception - to say nothing of the feebleness and poverty of language…” Our religious language is based on the use of archetypes. And this language is the voice of our soul; even the Holy Scriptures are utterances of the soul. We are dealing with “realities that transcend consciousness”. “In the realm of psychic processes criticism and discussion are not only permissible but are unavoidable”. What Jung wants to do is have such a discussion around the book of Job. The understanding of Yahweh at the time Job was written was that of a God who “knew no moderation”. He was a god that was amoral.
“The book of Job serves as a paradigm for a certain experience of God…” What is this experience? And what consequences are there for man as well as for Yahweh?
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