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Part I 4 weeks 1 day ago #13

The natural reaction to stories about UFOS is not to believe them. Also as Jung says “most of these stories come from America, the land of superlatives and of science fiction”. These stories do come from all over the world. They should be thought of as a visionary rumor. This is also related to an unusual emotion. Of significance is the reaction to a radio play based on “War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells that was broadcast in 1938 from New York. From this developed several concerns about the nature of UFOS and the purpose of their visits. Here Jung gives several paragraphs to that topic. These descriptions provide the subject matter for psychological projection. This indicates that there must be a psychic cause. There is an emotional tension. The conscious mind is confronted with information from the unconscious which it cannot understand. So unusual natural events are used as a way to understand the unconscious. So there are cases where “the same collective cause produces identical or similar effects…”
The unconscious is trying to make its contents into an object for the conscious mind. This is done by the process of projection. As the person who can see the mote in their brother’s eye but not see the beam in their own. We live in a world that is seen as a threatening situation. {Is 2020 that different from 1955?}
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