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TOPIC: What is there to study?

What is there to study? 4 weeks 1 day ago #12

According to Jung there is a general tendency among people to accept the reality of the UFO over doubting its existence. In his book he wants to examine why there is this desire to accept flying saucers as real.
Introductory - The issue of flying saucers involves more than just objects in the air. They are part of a significant and all encompassing change in an era. There are “changes in the constellation of psychic dominants, of the archetypes, or “gods” as they used to be called, which bring about, or accompany, long lasting transformations of the collective psyche.” Such a major change is about to happen. Jung realizes that to speak in such a way brings with it the danger of being mis-understood and bringing into question his “reputation for truthfulness, reliability, and capacity for scientific judgement…”
There are three possibilities; the UFO has a physical reality; or there is a physical reality that is the beginning of a phantasm; or it is all a fantasy. {There is also the possibility of a synchronistic relation between reality and fantasy. That is the topic of another book.}
Jung says that as a psychologist he is not able to speak to the physical reality; he will only concern himself with the psychic aspect. He does recommend the work of Major Donald E. Keyhoe for information about the reality of UFO.
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