Here are articles about the published writings of Jung and writings of the Jung apologists. 

There are three kinds of books to read in Jungian studies; one, the books that Jung wrote; two, the books by people who describe the main ideas in Jung’s theories; three, those authors who use Jung’s ideas to explain or interpret a work of art or literature.  There will be discussion forums for individual books.

There are also authors that influenced Jung in the development of his thinking; William James, Kant, Nietzsche, Spinoza.

And finally; the Jung's understanding of Eastern thinking; especially Richard Wilhelm’s Secret of the Golden Flower .



"The Jung Center provides a forum and roundtable for discussion, reflection, inquiry which contributes depth and breadth to our understanding of the relationship between an individual and culture. Further, the Center facilitates people's understanding of the dynamics of the inner and the outer world which leads to deeper and more meaningful comprehension of life from both the personal and cultural points of view."

--Jonathan Paul De Vierville (Vice President SA Jung Center)