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There are three prefaces to the book 
  1. For the Reader: to explain what the book is about, aging. Just as a midlife crisis requires a person to look backwards, aging requires looking forward to death.  This method assumes that aging  is an affliction; what if instead it was something required for the fulfillment of character? It is a chance to learn the true nature of our character: a process that requires curiosity and Courage.
  2. A Preface from the writer: to explain what the writer is trying to do in this book. The main purpose is to decouple death from aging. 
  3. A Preface to the Book: The book has three parts: Lasting to discuss the meaning of being old or aging. Leaving: to discuss the meaning of values and how they are created. {an Interlude is found here to discuss how the face is marked by character}. And the final part: Left; or what of ourselves remains after we leave the stage. 

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