Lecture One

11 months 1 week ago #19 by Charles Lester
Lecture One was created by Charles Lester
The Bible is to be considered as a dream. God is present as the unconscious presenting the material that is the Bible. “The most essential elements of the Bible are clearly visionary, sublime ideas and images that emerge from the darm background of the mind into the light of awareness.”  The Bible is a single dream reflecting the collective psyche of a people. It is “the manifestation of a process in the collective unconsciousness” a reflection of the activity of the Holy Ghost. The bible is like a long night’s dream that has been subject to many editorial efforts by scribes and patients who act as an ego does in a person. The interpreter is not limited by time and space but is free to see connections across the entire story.The book will also consider other religions, myths, and fairy tales. It will look at the issue of there being both an old and a new testament. The study will consider these themes; creation, good and evil, individuation, anima/us images, election and adoption, and kingship and servanthood

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