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TOPIC: World of Job

World of Job 3 weeks 1 day ago #16

The book of Job was written between 600 and 300 B.C. Proverbs was written in the time frame of the 4th to 3rd century. Proverbs reflect the influence of Greek thought, especially the idea of Sophia; Sapientia Dei {God’s wisdom}. This reflects also in the Johannine Logos, the Hebrew Chochma {wisdom} and even the Indian Shakti {cosmic energy}. What follows is a description of wisdom that also looks at Ecclesiasticus and the wisdom of Solomon.
Here is the key to understanding the book of Job. Before Yahweh considered his people as his betrothed. Now he doubts his faithfulness and projects it upon Job by testing Job’s faith. In this testing Job learns about the true nature of God. Yahweh must now learn about himself; and to do that he requires Wisdom.
Now Jung looks back to Genesis; what happened after the creation of humankind? Things did not go well; we have the expulsion from Eden; the murder of Abel; even a flooding of the world in an attempt to start over. Yahweh has lost his coexistence with Sophia and turns to his selected people for a new bride. From this relationship and its problems comes the encounter with Job. And it is the result of this encounter that leads to God becoming man.
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