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Part II 4 weeks 1 day ago #14

Next in the chapter are speculations about why there are no communication attempts from the UFOS. These stories and explanations have developed into what may be called a living myth. Here is a chance to investigate how legends are formed. There are real problems on earth; such as over-population {and climate change} that cause people to look for an ‘extra-terrestrial’ solution. Now is the time to turn to examine this situation using a psychological approach to explain what is happening in the human consciousness as a whole.
The key here is that the UFOS are round bodies; circles. This is an analogy to a symbol that is key in depth psychology, the mandala. {So people are projecting from their unconscious the meaning of the mandala onto what they see in the physical world}
To quote Jung “They {UFOS} are impressive manifestations of totality whose simple, round forms portrays the archetype of the self”.
As I read the end of the chapter Jung is saying that the metaphysical basis for faith in God and the redemption of humankind was taken away by science. Now that science; which makes possible the projections related to UFOS; is now becoming the basis for the same myths and beliefs that science is supposed to disprove.
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